New MVP - Dhan Raj Bansal

Congratulations to Dhan Raj, the latest NAV MVP (MVP profile here) I have known Dhan Raj personaly for a number of years, in Dubai and Bangalore. It has been great to watch his growth from a Navision junior up to a serious community contributor, and now an MVP.

Well done Dhan Raj.

I hope this can also send a signal out to other people starting in Navision to show that rewards don’t come over night, but serious study and hard work and being a true community member will pay off in the long run.

hi Dhan raj…

Congratulation [:)][Y]

Hi Dhan Raj… Congratulation … :))) Good going… Hopefully we will also able to achieve this with the help of people in this community.

Congratulations Dhan Raj,

Well deserved - keep up the good work.

Thanks David for the kind words.

You and Eric have been of great help and source of inspiration for contribution to communities (which and in turn for MVP Award). In fact, first time I came to know about MVP Award, was during our Dubai meeting.

Thanks everyone for your wishes.

That’s great to hear.

Hi Raj,

I already congratulated you thru LinkedIn, but get another one [Y] here in DUG - better more than never [;)]

Congratulations Dhan Raj,

Welcome to the club, and long may you post and assist people! It is a pleasure working with you.

Thanks Modris & Adam

Hi Dhan Raj,

I surely had missed this news, which is really great. CONGRATULATIONS, guy!

Thanks Luc

Thanks Luc

Hi Dhanraj,

Awesome stuff man congrats !!!

Congratulations Dhan Raj for joining MVP club.

congratulations! cheers!

Thanks Kapil, Rakesh & Morris

Dear Dhanraj,

We are proud of you . As a navision juniour you are the inspiration to us .