New Moderator

I would like to announce that Tony Hemy is the new moderator of the Navision Developer forum. At the same time David Singleton is no longer moderator, as he has not been online since March of this year. I hope to see David back here soon, as he has always been a very valuable member.

Well done Tony, and posting in the moderator forum probably counts, so you’ll have your two stars before you know it [;)]

LOL [:D] (Giving me one for (298’th)

But on the Serious side: Do anyone know what happend to him - I remember seeing his name very often, helping out other users of the forum

David is affraid to show up here. He’s busy working, and know that if he logs in here, then he’s going to spend too much time here…

David was very helpful - Even his site has some helpful Navision Code Snippets