New moderator: Kapil Khanna

Today I have appointed Kapil Khanna to a moderator of the Dynamics NAV / Navision - Supply Chain Management and Manufacturing Forum where he will share the duty of being a moderator with Adam Roue.

And last week Alexander Pallesen, the current moderator of the Danish forum, was appointed as the new moderator of the Dynamics NAV / Navision - Beginners Forum together with David Singleton.

Congratulations to both.

Hello everyone,

I have been given an opportunity by DUG to be the Dynamics NAV Supply Chain’s forum moderator, I will be the host for this particular section with Adam Roue Stevens) .

I have total 5+ Years of experience in NAV and 1.5+ years of experience in AX.

Looking forward to working with everyone. Hope we all will learn a lot from each other.

Thanks and regards

Kapil Khanna

Hey Kapil,

You’re very welcome to the team - and a great asset [:D]

Hi Kapil,

and congratulations for joining the team from me, too! [Y] [B]

Welcome aboard… Best of luck.

Thanx a lot guys

Congratulations Kapil and hope to see your knowledgeable posts/ replies and more involvement in the community.

Good Luck …

Great news we can always use more hands.

Hi Kapil

I have not been involved with NAV for over 2 years now and your input in areas has been extremely useful to me. I also learn from your AX posts. I have read your posts with interest and believe you are an excellent addition to the forum. So perhaps a proper welcome from me, and if you need anything you know where to reach me.

Keep up the excellent work - although you are seriously damaging my chances of catchinr Eric and David on posts made [:D]

Just for you my name is Steve Weaver, I had to change my name when I joined Columbus because it is against the company policy to post under your own name. This is why many refer to me as Steve - very confusing but please feel free to call me Steve, it feels strange when people who have known me for a long time like Eric or David call me “Adam” [:D]

Steve (Adam!)

Hi Steve (Adam) [:D],

Thanx for such an overwhelming welcome. You have been a true guide to so many people, that includes me as well. Mine is kind of same story but includes one more twist, I started with NAV then moved to Ax then came back to NAV, so kind of recalling everything.

It would take me atleast two yeare doing nothing and just posting, even to think of catching the biggies in terms of posts[:D], as you guys have been contributing to the community very very consistently. Thanx a lot to Dhanraj and David as well for there welcome post.

Thanx a lot once again.

Hi Kapil,

welcome to the DUG-club and good luck for you as moderator.

Even though I did not have much time during the past weeks- I guess it will be a very nice cooperation with you.