New in dynamics AX 2012

Hi All,

I am new in dynamics AX 2012. I would like to know which book (soft copy) i can download which helps me to start working with dynamics AX 2012 in terms of technical and development purpose.


Yash Thakkar

As far as there are no books yet on 2012 (if i’m not wrong)… we have for 2009…

Thanks Axnewbee,

For 2009, i already have the required books with me. I would like to refer the books for AX 2012.



Technical documents are already available on the partner source. You can go through that.


Thanks Pranav, but i am not partner. Let me know if i can get such useful docs from somewhere else.


Hi Yash,

There are books available on AX 2012. This link is for AX 2012 cook book -

The training materials is also available on CustomerSource.

And there are loads of technical and functional white papers available on the net.