New field on SalesTable - doesnt appear in User Setup


i added some fields to SalesTable table, some appear on Mouse right click → Personalize → Add fields (User Setup) on forms so nope, all fields have AllowAdd set to restricted on DataSource of form, how to make certain field appear in User Setup ? (The ones which are invisible there) on what does it depend ?

With AllowAdd = Restricted, users can add only fields that are already displayed somewhere else on the form. It means that that they can add fields at other places for easier access, but they can’t add fields that the form wasn’t designed to show.
Are your fields shown elsewhere on the form? If not, the usual approach is adding them somewhere, e.g. at a separate tab. An alternative is changing AllowAdd to Yes.

What is the type of the field? Visible and save contents property needs to be yes.

smmBusRelMemo, visible = true, saveContents = yes, still not visible on for example salesTable or returnTable forms in user setup

The base type of that field is varString. So it is not allowed to add.

If the string size is Memo, then the system considers it as varString.