new exe for jpg to bmp convertor

hello, i remake the jpg to bmp convertor exe, who could download in download database section. this new exe is make with delphi compilator and with this exe, you wasn’t have need some dll files or library like the original exe in vb6 !!! it’s use like the original vb exe. ex: pictureconvertor file.jpg file.bmp @+ Philippedownload

Hello Philippe, I want to convert a jpg to 1/8 bmp. Can your converter handle scaling as well? If it can, could you explain how? Nicolai Damen Consultant/Engineer NAM Damen

Nicolai, You may want to check the Multi-Format Convertor tool from the download section. This tool looks if the resolution of the JPG image can be determined and copies this value over to the created (temp) BMP. You should always have the resolution set in the pictures (check out your graphics program on how to do that) at a value for use by the device with the highest resolution (usually the printer, at 600 DPI). Navision will scale down for display on screen automatically. John