New Database creation

We would like to create a new database to test our restore funtion. We would like to put this new database on a different drive then the active database is on now. Does anyone know how to do this? I have the instruction for setting up multipe drives. Could we use these instrucitons to create a new database on a different drive?

You must have SUPER permissions. Log into NAVISION, and select DATABASE, close. Then select DATABASE, OPEN Blank out the servername Use the assist edit on Database Name line to launch the standard windows file dialog box. Authentication: Database

The instructions for multiple drives do NOT relate to creating a second copy of your database. To do what you want is very easy, but be very very careful as you do not want to chance wiping out your production database. You can use the database function “New” to create the new database and place it wherever you want it. You could do this on another drive on your server or even on a workstation if all you want to test is your ability to Restore an Attain Backup. If you restore on a workstation, your test will be in single user mode only, but that’s the easiest, safest way to test a Restore (IMHO). The new database should be created at least 30% to 50% greater in size (sometimes more) than the Used portion of the production database that was backed up (that is to allow key rebuilding which occurs during the Restore). When the database has been created, make sure you have the new, empty database open in your current client, then begin the Restore. When the Restore is done, you can test its success simply by accessing the data in the restored database. If the Restore completed cleanly and if you can access the data even in single user mode, the Restore was successful. Dave Studebaker Liberty Grove Software A Navision Services Partner

Thanks Dave

Dave I read your response and I don’t see any insturctions on how to use the Function “New” to create the new database. Can you help here?

As Alan said, you need to be operating with SUPER permissions. From the Navision Attain (or Financials, as the case may be) menu screen, access the Toolbar menu item File, sub-option Database, sub-sub-option New. This will cause the New Database screen to be displayed. To just create a database for a Restore test, leave the Server Name blank, put the full path and file name for the new database into Database Name, and put your desired database size into File Size. Double check (at least) your entries. When sure you’ve entered what you intended, press OK and off she goes. Dave Studebaker Liberty Grove Software A Navision Services Partner

Thank you again.

Alan, Dave, why do I need any SUPER permissions for restoring a backup as long as I have a native, not SQL database (if a client not connected to any database is SUPER permission for you, then you don’t have to answer the question)? Regards Walter

Walter, I’m not sure that you do as I haven’t tested the circumstances. All I know for sure is that each time I have done something like this, I have had Super Permissions. You could try it otherwise and if the system doesn’t find your assigned permissions acceptable, it will let you know.

Dave, perhaps I missed the point, but creation of a new database (topic) do not need super permissions, better, do not need ANY (user-)permissions. If you want to expand, rename etc., you all are right. You need the SUPER permission or at least assigned permission for that user account. But, if you are not connected to any server you can create a database with the size mentioned in your Navision license file (should be 64MB with version 3.x, 32MB with 2.x). There are still some licenses out with limitation of the database size. However, no Super permission is needed. How should that be checked, if you have NO database? After creation of the database you are even allowed to restore a backup (you “physically” own) without any login. After the restore you are a Superuser on the database (even without the login). Have fun Walter