New Customer Approval Workflow

Hi Everyone,

I have created a new custom workflow in AX 2012 R2 for new customer to pass through approval process once submitted to this workflow, till here everything is working fine.

I want to know how to stop this new customer, who is still in approval process(not completed), to stop doing any transaction, till he gets approved.

Any help on this is really appreciated.

Thanks in Advance

Sanjay Thakur

HI Sanjay Thakur,

What is your solution to create a new customer & submit to workflow?


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Put the customer on stop at creation and in the workflow have an instruction to remove from stop at approval

Hi Sanjay,

Select the customer with whom you don’t want to do transaction > Edit > Select the Credit & Collection Fast tab.

Select the Invoicing & delivery on hold feild to All. Now when you create a SO with this customer, error will come as ‘Customer so & so is stopped for All’.

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Parashar Banerjee.

Thanks for solution guys.

I have completed this issue, for you @Phon by using same as Parashar, you put customer on hold for All by using code while initialization in CustTable table level.

And by using code again to disable buttons on CustTableListPage and CustTable Form.


Sanjay Thakur

AX Technical Consultant.

Hi Sanjay

This new Custom approval workflow, you have created… How can I get this?

I can’t se any links for a download? Since I am new to this board, then excuse me if I’m asking about something obvious.

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Bjarne R Mikkelsen