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I have just setup the collection letters functionality in AX2012 and was trying to run through a test scenario. The issue is when I create a new collection letter nothing occurs. For some reason I’m not able to see anything in AR>periodic>collections> print/post collection letters. Under the customer posting profile I have checked the collection letter flag in the table restrictions section. Can anyone think of anything that I may be missing?

Hey Carlos,

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If you’ve just turned this on, there’s a flag on the customer transactions that indicate if a collections letter can be created for the transaction. In a TEST environment, take a look at the CustTrans.CollectionLetter field and make sure it’s “Yes.” The transaction should then be eligible for a collections letter.



Yes you are correct theCollectionLetter field on CustTrans is set to 0 and I’m assuming it should be set to 1 once the collection letters functionality is turned on. Is there a reason that it hasn’t been? Aditionally the invoices that have been created after the also don’t have the flag checked. How can I make sure that the transactions are open to creating the collections letter when needed? I’m assuming I’ll need a developer for this.

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Looking at the code, the CustTrans.CollectionLetter is only filled from the collection letter field on the relevant posting profile.

Hey Carlos,

Like Kranthi indicated, those only happen if the posting profile is enabled for collection letters when the posting happens. It’s stupid, I think, but something that should be fine going forward.

We’ve had to write little jobs before to update that flag on the thing we wanted collection letters for…

Thanks Guys this really helped!

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