New bank account not using the correct cheque format

We are using Dynamics NAV 5.0.

We are in the process changing the bank we deal with. I added a new bank card that would represent the new bank but when I test the cheque printing is not printing using the same format as our other bank accounts that were set up previously. I don’t see a custom cheque in the reports list. (object designer)

Run form 385 - Report Selection - Bank Account. I’m not sure where it is in the menusuite. Pick Check from the drop down. Those are the report(s) it will use.

Thank you, Matt

Can you think of any reason why Bank Account “B-015” would not use the same format as “B-001” and “B-010”?

The first is the Bank Account number assigned to the new chequings account and the last two are accounts that are currently working.

B-015 is for some reason not using the same format.