New AX MVP - Kranthi Kumar Vangala

Congratulations to New AX MVP - Kranthi Kumar Vangala.

Here is his profile

Thanks Mohana [:)]

Thanks to all fellow members of the forum

Congratulation Kranthi, I’m very happy for you. You deserve it!

Also thank you from the Dynamics User Group. Keep up the good work.

Congrats, Kranthi!

Congratulations Kranthi!

Congrats Kranthi…

Thanks Eric. It was the DUG(Dynamics User Group) which helped me to achieve this :slight_smile:

Thanks Luc

Thanks Adam, you were been a great inspiration [:)]

Thanks Amol

Congratulations Kranthi. Very well deserved!

Thanks Harish.

Congrats Kranthi… All the best


congrats kranthi :slight_smile:

Hi Kranthi,
Congratz.You are 100% deserve.

Thanks Pranav

Thanks adithya

Thanks Saju

Congratulations Kranthi. [Y]