.NET type list is missing type in Navision

Hope that someone here are more experienced than me, when it comes to C# class libraries and using them in NAV. I’m very green! Tried to stay in C/AL until now.

But I’m trying to consume a web service, and wanted to try out Arend-Jan Kauffmann’s demo.

I created by class with the following code:

using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Linq;
using System.Text;
using System.Threading.Tasks;

public class Rootobject
    public int status { get; set; }
    public string info { get; set; }
    public string details { get; set; }

No errors, when compiling. And it also shows up in the .NET Type List:


But the Rootobject type is not there.

So I cannot be selected!

Have any of you experienced something similar?

Hi Erik,

Luc forwarded this to me, as he thought I might have an answer. :slight_smile:

The .Net code looks fine, so the only thing that I can think of is the way you have deployed the dll file. Did you create and deploy it more than one time?

It could be an idea to close the development environment and then clean the NAV add-ins temp folder. That folder can be found in %TEMP%.

Also make sure that you have just one version in the add-ins folder of the server. It’s not needed to have it in the add-ins folder of the development environment (unless you are using NAV 2013 R2 or older).


Hi AJ,

Didn’t put it in the development add-in folder, nor did I copy it else where.

I still deleted the temp folder, and that seems to have done the job. Well I also rebooted the machine…

So nothing wrong with my (your) code! I did see you demo at NavTechDays 2015 and have wanted to try it out my self ever since. Have two projects where I need “something” like that. One to read information from an industrial weight.
The other one more fun, I want to create a page in NAV, that can display the latest post from a forum here on DUG, using the Telligent Rest API. [:)]