"Net time" without DOS window

I’m currently programming a system to register employees meetingtime. Therefor I want to be able to prevent the user from manipulating the time: Everytime the user wants to register, I call this command: SHELL(‘net time \"servername’,’/set’,’/y’); Where “servername” is the server you want to syncronize against. This works almost fine - the time on the local PC is being reset to the servertime, but the DOS-window gives a bit “noice” in Attain: A field on a form is being “half active”!! I think I can solve this by suppressing the DOS-window when calling the SHELL-command, but how do I do that??

I’m Afraid you can’t. However, unlike a SHELL-Command, reading a file from Navision can be done silently. So you can use a file on the server that is updated with the current time regularly. OR You can run the Net Time command from your PC as a scheduled-windows-task (AT), making an output to a File in $Temp, and read this file. Succes! Andries