.Net / TCPA / Palladium -> Big Brother?

Hi All Recently I saw a lecture on the Microsoft .Net strategy. Then I found the following link regarding TCPA / Palladium http://www.notcpa.org/ Sorry, but all together sounds for me like ‘Big Brother Is Watching You’. Now I’m a little bit nervous. Or do I suffer a persecution complex? I’m afraid that in a few years nothing works (on then current systems) without permission by some companys. And - these companys can track everything I / You do. Is that really what we need or/and want? Any opinions? bye Andre

Well… it’s not what most of us want. It’s not what most of us need… but it’s what the big companies want and they don’t care if the users want it or not. They want to be able of controlling their profits no matter it that means destroying the user rights… It’s like the DVD’s zone protection… people doesn’t like it, people doesn’t need it… but the big companies impose it… Regards,

If you want to know more about the “benefits” of Palladium - read http://www.cl.cam.ac.uk/~rja14/tcpa-faq.html The big problem is, that until the majority will recognize what Palladium means, it will already be there (in fact it already is).


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… it will already be there (in fact it already is). …

My conclusion: Always keep at least one computer with ’ old ’ technology! bye André

Hi Andre! Microsoft claim that TCPA will have to be activated by the user (i.e. it will not be forced upon you), and that “old” programs will continue to work. Now, while trusting Microsoft to keep their promises and not build in some backdoors might be a matter of taste [xx(], I don’t think they will dare and disable the execution of old, non-TCPA compliant programs. Imagine that for each and every program you have ever developed and will ever develop in and for your company, you would have to get some kind of certificate from Microsoft or one of their partners. The moment you modify the program, you will again have to get the certificate. Which company would be willing to go through this kind of hassle? I do agree with you, though, that we are moving towards a “Big Brother” era with ever increasing speed. I would not want my private PC to impose arbitrary restrictions on me, secretly report my activities to the Evil Empire [;)] and generally give me the impression that it’s not really me who is in control.

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… Which company would be willing to go through this kind of hassle? …

I’m afraid there will be no chance to avoid it (then)! Look at the update policy from one well known software company (translated in german: ‘Winzigweich’[:D]).


… Evil Empire [;)] …

LOL. [8D] bye Andre