Negative Inventory Value - How do I fix?


I have been trying to fix a major problem in my Nav 3.70A. A long time ago, NSC disabled the code that prevented inventory from going negative. So over the years, unbeknownst to me, certain items have gone negative quantity on hand, so our accounting people have just been increasing quantity back to positive whenever it happened, usually at month end. But the damage to the Average Cost had been done, and inventory value has gone to negative, even when there is zero quantity on hand.

So i have been trying to fix and keep getting nowhere. I try posting a negative Item Journal, a positive Item Journal entry, the reevaluation journal…nothing seems to work. I even have some items with a negative inventory quantity and a positive inventory value. ( BTW, Every time I post an entry, I run the Periodic Activety > Adjust Cost - Item Entries.)

Anybody know the steps I should take?



i think there is no code in nav that prevents inventory from going negative, but gives you a “stockout warning”

try the physical inventory journal, calculate inventory and set negative quantities to 0.

Yes as standard you can go negative unless you have bins/serial numbers/lot numbers. Your issue is probably caused by the positive and negative adjustments and users altering the cost on the line so you book on in for 10.00 and book it out at 9.00 you have zero in quantity and a value, do this over time and altered transactions and you can see the mess you can get into, you need to analyse the cost of every transaction making up the average cost - that said there are also issues with average costing in that version from memory, so you will need to check what these are.

Certain items are showing as negative quantities in my inventory, each time an item is entered onto a sales order,picked & shipped the items negative inventory increases by the quantity shipped. & item is not in inventory…how can I disallow negative inventory as in Dynamics Ax…or I can restrict it to PO qty…???