Negative Inventory by location

Is it possible to not allow negative inventory by location within AX 2009? We currently have a inventory model group setup to not allow negative inventory but it seems to only be enforcing the rule at the site / warehouse level.



This is not possible as standard, the inventory model group controls it, but the dimension group controls the physical inventory by dimension, so if you have site-warehouse-location and you do not track physical by location you could have -10 in one location and +20 in another and you would be fine because the warehouse is positive - so it is not negative at the tracked dimension level.

Hi Adam, i have similar situation where by mistake we have a negative quantity in location 20 as supposed to Location 10. it’s due to production order consuming the raw material from the location 20. we don’t track by location but site and warehouse and hence the net quantity and cost is correct at warehouse.

we need to offset the negative quantity from location 20 and deduct from location 10. We try to move the positive quantity from location 10 to location 20 as I thought it would balance the negative quantity at location 20. but unable to? What is the best way to remove the negative quantity from location 20 and + quantity from location 10 so that both location show zero quantity, which nets to zero at warehouse.

thank you

Move it by transfer journal - why are you not able to do this?

Hi Adam, the quantity always shows as -ive no matter what I pick for “From” & “To” location with site/warehouse dimensions selected. When I try to validate, error - “10 quantity cannot be picked because only 0 is available from the inventory”

I do not believe this message cannot be called if the site and warehouse is the same and you are only changing the inventory location, you actually have 10 and are using the inventory transfer journal to perform the task. If you have +10 in the “from” location it cannot be called - so do you have 10 “free”?

At Site/WH level, the net quantity is zero. but at location level - AX shows +10 QTY at location 10 and -10 QTY at location 20. So if we take a on-hand stock report by location, +ive and negative quantities shows up. To offset, I was trying to use the transfer journal where I pick location FROM and TO being 10 and 20 but AX shows -ive quantity.

Then the 10 in location 10 are not free, they are required for something else.

Do you not have physcial inventory ticked at location otherwise you would not have got in this position.

No, we are not tracking physical inventory by location - we use location 10 for receiving raw, location 20 for FGI and use location 25 to temporarily store Sub-BoMs. we may add another receiving location in the future. so, Irrespective of which location we receive, we want to maintain the price at site/warehouse level (we use FIFO)

Price at site/warehouse is irrelevant. The fact you do not check physical at location means it tracks to see if there is enough quantity at warehouse and therefore drive stock negative at location. Still if you have quantity in one you can transfer it if it is physcially available.

Hi Adam, at the warehouse level, it net to zero (so there isn’t any left) but if I display on-hand with location dimensions, I see the inventory + QTY for the location 10 where we receive the item (via PO or Movement journal) and - QTY appears at another location (that’s is consumed for production orders). Though at dimension level, the quantity is shown either with + and negative. Is it because there is nothing physical quantity that we cannot move?

Create a journal with 1 line +5 @ 30, post it. Create another journal -5 @10 - can you post it?

I suppose it is an adjustment journal. Correct?

Yes or a movement journal with the offset set.