Negative Adjustments on Inventory

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How do i stop a user from making negative adjustment on inventory through Item Journal. and how do i stop any

invoice from posting if avaliable stocks are negative in inventory.

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One really simple way which we have used extensively, is to place a check on the system which runs prior to entering any posting routine. ie, within an item jnl if there is an entry for a negative adjustment then the system will bring up a warning. The same simple logic can be applied in sales invoices etc.


Hi Andrew

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Could you please explain me in details how implement or configure your solution.



Hi satish

At the time of Item Journal you have to write some code…to check for negative adjsutment entries in this batch .

if this is user speccific then u have to filter for that user also otherwise

u have to write this code on push of Post menu item of posting Menu Button in form 40 (Item Journal)

//code start
SETRANGE(“Entry Type”,“Entry Type”::“Negative Adjmt.”);

ERROR(‘Sorry, You can not post Negative Adjustment entry’);
//Code end

CurrentJnlBatchName := GETRANGEMAX(“Journal Batch Name”);

In CodeUnit 22 look for the code that inserts and modifies Item Ledger entry. Add a tick bo to the locaiton table “Blokc Negative Inventory”. In CU22 ad a check if the tick bo is selected for that location test “Remaining Qty” > 0.