Needed and advised Oracle edition

Hi everyone. I’m working for a small energy company and we intend to implement Navision Axapta in the next few months. We already did a lot of work like definining and inventory stuff. Concerning databases our policy is using Oracle as database. The question now arises is: Is it NECESSARY or STRONGLY ADVISED to use Oracle Enterprise Edition or is Oracle Standard Edition strong enough to get a suitable performance. To describe the size of our database I would like to give you some data of our company to get an idea: it counts about 240 employees, our system contains about 2,000 open projects witch about 100 workorders each, some 10,000 article-types on stock, a history of 3 years. May be we should decide to test both situations (standard and enterprise edition) to know it for sure. But anyhow, may be someone of you could give me some arguments helping me further in this decision process. Thanks already. Bye. Hans.

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Hans, Well - if you want to do hardware sizing, you should refer to the Hardware sizing guide in Navision Technet website or alternatively contact your local NSC. And regarding difference between standard and enterprise, it is up to you to decide which edition to opt for. I do not think Axapta would behave differently between the two editions. But IMHO, you should consider the usage of Oracle as Axapta back end from the point of view of your company’s OS. I have seen so many discussions in forums where people have complained about Oracle throwing up errors when used with Axapta in non-windows platforms. When I say this, I am perfectly aware of the fact that Oracle Corp. claims there are no OS specific features are being used. HTH, Harish

Standard edition will do fine. You only need enterprise edition if you want to run on more then 4 CPU’s, cluster or some other fancy stuff. No need for that in a 240 empl. configuration.