Need workflow for Planned purchase order after firming


I want workflow for Planned Purchase order after firming from Planned purchase order page (means firming of output of Master Planning )

In normal scenario we can set workflow for manual purchase order but if we firm planned purchase order than it is directly going as a approved purchase order.

My requirement is, Purchase order need to go in workflow after firming and only after approval need to go for approved open order.

Kindly suggest is this standard AX solution or need to have customization to go for workflow .

Thanks in Advance !!

It is standard that purchase order are auto approved when they are created by firming a planned order. There is no setup to alter it.


Thanks !

As per your suggestion planned purchase order after auto firming can not go into workflow.

This is my basic requirement to have workflow for firmed planned purchase order.

Should I propose customization for this ?

Kindly suggest.

Thanks you.

You need to go for a customization to fulfill the requirement.

Thanks Kranthiā€¦

Hopefully this will not be big customization.