Need to stop the automatic entry of Item No. on order Lines

Sales Line/Item/No.

The client is unhappy that if they type in ABC (item code does not exist), Navision inserts ABC-01 (the next possible item).

They have a problem with wrong items on the sales lines and want to know if there is a way of stopping this behaviour.

Anyone know?

I never had such request.

You have in form a trigger called OnAfterInput. In that trigger you have original value before auto complete. You could make check item there and later on VALIDATE trigger raise an error. It’s a possible idea.

I don’t remember if there is a property to avoid such behaviour.

In the “No.” field in the sales line, find the property “ValidateTableRelation” and set it to NO, then you may need to modify the OnValidate code to make the error messages work properly, since in sales line, a lot pf processing is done BEFORE the code does an Item.GET, so it can be confusing.

Thanks David, It is one of those things I knew in 1996 but forgot…