Need to push data in XML format from D365 to other system

Hello guys,

I need to Push Data in XML format from D365 AX to third party system.

Right now, I have just make one POC

Step 1 : I have created the data entity using VendGroup table

Step 2 : I have set the property as IsPublic to yes also

Step 3 : Using Odata, I am using the {URL}/data/EntityName

Step 4 : I m getting data in .Jason format

But i want the data in .XML format. So can you suggest me how i can achieve this.?

Heloo guys,

anybody has suggestions

Wouldn’t exporting data to XML in data management be a more appropriate approach than using OData services?

ya…but third party wants to get the data in real time. not physical file

Also, tell me How to consume third party web service(XML format) to our AX7

OData services supports XML as well as JSON. Try if you can get it from AX OData service too by setting the Accept header with value application/atom+xml.

Your last reply seems to be about a different topic, therefore please create a new thread for it and explain your problem in detail there.

Hi Martin,

Then How i need to write in URL for XML.

{URL}/data/EntityName …What i have to write next to my entity name here…so that it can create file to XML format not in JASON format

I’m talking about HTTP headers, not URL. Do you have a developer around who could help you with it? You can either write code or use a tool such as Postman.

Unfortunately my proof of concept doesn’t work, either it’s not that simply or it’s not supported at all.

I suggest you use a middle-tier service to do the transformation from JSON to XML.

Good news! I’ve managed to do it. You must set the Accept header to application/atom+xml,application/atomsvc+xml,application/xml.

ok. Martin Thanks for your response. I will try it.