Need to delete a Purchase Order

I have an odd scenario. We have a posted Purchase Order. We added a line to the order, but forgot to submit before we posted the Purchase Order. The original line moved to invoice stage, but the new line remained and the Purchase order remained in the list. We are able to delete the new line, but the original line with a status of Invoiced is still there and when I try to delete the Purchase Order I get the error "You cannot delete an Invoiced Order. I just want to get it off of my list of open orders.

Thanks in advance!

We are using version Navigator6.00.01, US Dynamics NAV 6.0 R2 6.0.32146.0

What does “submit” mean?

There is a button next to the Post button that says Submit. I don’t actually do the data entry so I’m not sure entirely :frowning: but I know that when you enter a purchase order you submit it. I can check with the AP people tomorrow morning on what actually happens when you submit; all I know is that when you submit it it posts an encumbrance.

There’s a routine under the administration menu called “Delete Invoiced Purchase Orders”.

Have you tried running this?

What version of Navision is this? My guess is that this is some customization that your partner made for you, so they will be the only ones that can answer your question unless you have a developer go in and work out the changes that were made.

We are using version Navigator6.00.01, US Dynamics NAV 6.0 R2 6.0.32146.0

This sounds like a customization. What did your partner say?

Thank you Ian! That worked. Let’s hope I never have to use it again!



it looks like you have some customizations. The routine to batch delete orders should check the same conditions as if you pressed F4 on the order. If you got an error message on one and not the other, it means that you partner did not customize the delete batch function. If you are lucky things will be fine, but down the road you may soon discover that you made a big mistake and that the order should not have been deleted without some other condition being met.

Lets hope you were lucky, but be well prepared for this to come back and bite you at some time in the future.