need to bring unit price to inventsum for reporting purpose

Hi folks,

I have a requirement where i need to get unit price in the inventsum table in the report , i tried to add the unit price but not able to do so, unit price is in inventtrans and this is 1:n ration so it is not goona work out so can any one suggest some thing by which we bring unit price in inventsum , would any one tell unit price is there on any other table that is 1:1 ratio and how can i bring in report with


Rohit Kumar Singh

cost price not stored in transactions or onhand tables, it is calculated see \Data Dictionary\Tables\InventSum\Methods\costPricePcs

Thanks kranthi,

I have used the mentioned method in the report but the the value i am getting is not the correct value which i want i want is the unit price of the item so that i can calculate the total sum of the qty

like opening balance=qty*unit price of the item=total sum

hopefully i want unit price from invent sum if not a way to link it with inventsum as all the datas are coming from inventsum

Sorry Kranthi,

its working… sorry for trouble