Need to add the email addresses of the customers selected in the query to the print destinations email automatically.

Hi experts,

I am using AX 2012 R3.

The requirement is for “customer account statement”.

When opened and selected multiple customer accounts irrespective of the purpose in the query(in the parameter dialog), those customers email addresses should flow automatically to the print destinations-- email section.

Thus, they can send the statements just by clicking on the OK button.


Sanjay Verma

See if this helps you,…/ax2012-cu7-enhancement-ability-to-email-reports-to-specific-people-by-using-tokens

Thanks for the response Kranthi.

I have gone through the article.

Here in my case, the client is not interested in creating purposes and attaching them to the customers. They just want to select the list of customers and get the primary email addresses attached automatically.

How about using customer primary contact token?

Looking at the code, it is sending report to the primary address of the customer.

Just a question,

for suppose,I have set the print management to send the report to primary contact and I have selected only 5 customers in the query which doesn’t belong to any token or purpose… will it send the report individually(customer specific transactions) to these 5 customers separately?

Sanjay verma.

It should send. It is not dependent on the purpose.