Need some help with Automation and Groupwise

Hi! Follwing smaple VB6 code will start a Novell Groupwise session and will log into Groupwise, gets some other objects for later use and finaly will bring the account owner name into Text1.Text. Set objApp = CreateObject(“NovellGroupWareSession”) Set objAccount = objApp.Login("", “”) Set objRootFolder = objAccount.RootFolder Set objAddressBook = objAccount.SystemAddressBook Set objAddressBookEntries = objAddressBook.AddressBookEntries Text1.Text = objAccount.Owner.DisplayName So this code for me is clear. I want to do the same using the Navision Automation objects. But the beginnig is my problem, i don’t know how handle that in Navision. To define the automation objects in Navision is not the problem, but i don’t how to pass the values. It would be great if anyone here can give me a push to the right direction, to handle the rest myself. Finding some start code for my project would be great. Ufuk Altinkaynak

Hi, You can use CREATE function of Navision Attain to create the object instance. E.g. CREATE(“NOvel…”,Automation Variable) and use can set or get the proerty of respective object.

Hello Rajesh Jaiswal ! First off all thank you for you answer. But when using your sample code: CREATE((“NovellGroupWareSession”,Automation Variable) the compiler comes up with an error: Unknown variable “NovellGroupWareSession”. I tried many kind off kombinations to start the session but it wont run. Yesterday i developed a activex.dll wich i use from navision (also as automation)to start’s a Groupwise session and send a mail (without starting the groupwise client), wich actuallly runs fine. So doing the same directly from Navision must be possible (??). But till now i am not able to do that, maybe you a different solution for me. BTW is it in navision possible like in VB to use an graphical ocx in a form ??. For example in VB you only reference the ocx and put it then into your form. yours sincerly Ufuk Altinkaynak

Hi, Ufuk. My customer is using Novell Groupwise as well. We are not allow to use Navison Email Functionality due to incorrect Automation. Could you give me a hand?? Thanks!

Hi wong. i will try to help you. In short words, what i did to use groupwise from navision. i build a new ocx (that meets my only needs). It will be easier when you contact me directly by mail. btw. by building an own ocx, you are free to use nearly every function in groupwise from navision through the ocx.