Need Remote Time Entry Reference

I have a prospect that is very close to making a decision. He would like references of Navision users that are entering time remotely. This is a consulting firm that will have 195 remote users entering time and project management information. HELP

There are several ways to achieve this: 1) remote users enter via RAS (remote access) or VPN (Virtual private network) into their company LAN and access Navision as normal via their normal client and have access to the entire database (given their permissions). But given the high number of users that might not be the best alternative, even if the users won’t be connected all at the same time to Navision. 2) the users connect via the Navision User Portal (which just needs a browsers on the client side, but a server permanently connected to internet on the other side) and enter their data via this medium. The web-users are cheaper, the additional Navision application server though quite expensive, and you have to consider the development of the style-sheets that will show the extracted data from Navision and that might be quite some development work. If you need more detailed info you can find quite a lot in the e-commerce section of NOLUG about the User Portal or do a search for RAS or remote access. To cut it short, it is possible but it has to be analyzed carefully which way to choose. Saludos Nils

You could try VisionPay at They are the folks who are taking over Navision Payroll for North America. According to their press release, they do Remote Time Entry. Maybe they can offer a reference for that for Navision. You should also check with ExpandIT as they have a mobile time entry solution for Navision and maybe have a large site installed. Good luck closing your deal. Dave Studebaker Liberty Grove Software A Navision Services Partner