Need help with a Report

Hello all! I’m working on a complexed report. I have gathered information from different tables and used a temporary table to insert the data I need. But now I’m stuck! I don’t know how to make the report write the data from this table of mine. I need all the records in the temporary table to be written, but only two of the fields. This must be written in the footer. Can anyone help me please?

Hi there, If you are using different tables with prefiltering then you have to use a simple report with the worktable defined as a global variable, then insert textboxes and in their source expression use the temporary table.field expression, should work. Did you use DataItemLink in the report designer? Hope it will help[:O)]

Hi Gyula, thank you for answering:) If I understand you correctly, I’ve tried this allready… The problem is that the report only write the last record in the tabel. I need all the records in the table printed out together in the footer. I don’t use DataItemLink(there are no links) Best Regards,

You need to use some Integer Dataitem to loop through the data in your temporary table instead the footer…

As Above OnPreDataItem() Setrange(Number,1,TempRecordSet.Count); OnAfterGetRecord() If Number = 1 then TempRecordSet.Find(’-’) else TempRecordSet.Next; You can then print out the 2 fields that you need in the Integer Body Section on the report.

What normally happens is that you need to have a different table appear below your actual data? If so, then have a separate dataitem table to appear below your 1st dataitem. This way it looks like its printing as a footer below the 1st dataitem. Example DataItems -------------- Customer __Cust. Ledger Entries Salespeople <— New DataItem Your sections will then be able to see all data and print detail/group/footer even. But stick with the Detail to get all data to appear together. [OK][:O]

Hi all! Thank you for your answers, they were very helpful! I used Geovanny’s example and this works just fine:) Best Regards,

There is a solution for this in the mibuso site. It gives code for running reports with temo files