Need help on posting product receipt for multiple POs

Dear all,

I have been working on AX 2012. I have a question while doing GRN for multiple POs.

Here is the process which am following:

  1. Go to Procurement and sourcing > Periodic > Purchase orders > product receipt

  2. click on select and enter 3 PO numbers (for example: 00111, 00112, 00113)

  3. On the top, go to Other tab, select summary update for as Invoice account

  4. Click on Arrange and post packing slip

Now when I go to Inquiries > Product receipt, I found in the header record where only PO 00111 has been updated but I found all the three POs in the line level. It is giving wrong picture for the user as they are assuming that this DO has been done only for PO 00111.

Please suggest if anything in my procedure is wrong. If correct, how to display all PO numbers at the header level. Either it should show all POs or something like . Plz suggest.

Dear all,

Atleast suggest me, how can we do this in AX 2012 or 2009?

Hi Rummy,

What you did is correct. However, for the summary of the product receipt (Procurement and Sourcing/Inquiries/Journals/Product Receipt), AX will provide only the first of the 3 PO related to one Product Receipt.

Hi Tina,

Thanx for ur reply. So in that case through customization only we can fix this? Bcoz user wants either all POs to be displayed at header level or atleast some indication like where they can refer. Also, can you help me in suggesting any report where they can see all GRN details (atleast the line level details).


I think you create a query for this where the users can refer to, to accommodate their requirement.