Need help getting rid of Timestamp!

Hello guys,

I created a report and deployed it. I created two parameters in Visual studio which will use the same field to Filter data by dates. Everything works fine but i see the Time stamp and want to get rid of it. Any Ideas?

Settings in Visual Studio

Your FromDate and ToDate are using the field with EDT originating from the Type of [DateTime], you should change the Contract class for these 2 fields, and use an EDT with Date info, say [TransDate] for them instead. Remember to refresh you report in visual studio and make sure the Date Type value is changed to new value, then redeploy your SSRS, and see from there.

Hi Kwen,

The ETD for this field is Transdate itself. i think the issue is I am selecting dateTime AS datatype in VS (See 2nd screenshot) but it doesnt give me a Date data type there.

Actually, the VS side should show it as DateTime, that’s not the problem, I checked some of my reports done. OK, Try to compile your Contract class, UIBuilder class, DP class, generate full CIL (if incremental CIL cannot do it). Then refresh VS side, re-deploy the report. Close your AX client and try again. Also, if needed, clean the Usage data, in case the old values are cached.

Yes. The problem i have is the client wanted to do the report using the AOT query… so therea re no classes to change. :slight_smile: