Need deeper insight in E-commerce in conjunction with AX 2012 R3

Hi all,

I need to build up some knowledge about E-commerce in conjunction with Dynamics AX 2012 R3. I ve read some stuff about this on TechNet, but I want to have some deeper insight of how E-commerce works together with AX. Can someone recommend some books or websites where I can find more detailed information about this ?

Do you mean Retail online store, or e-commerce solutions in general (including integration of AX with third-party e-commerce platforms), or do you have some more specific questions?

Hi Martin,

Retail online store and e-commerce solutions in general. Integration of AX with third-party platforms is also interesting. At the moment I dont have specific questions. I need some general knowledge about this. I guess the more specific questions will come later.

Using Retail online store and writing integration with third-party e-commerce platforms are completely different topics.

We could talk for days about integration and write books about it (there already is a book about one part of the story, AIF and services). I really don’t what to tell you in a few sentences, without any information about what you need to know.

And regarding online store, you’ll find the “general documentation”. Repeating the same things here wouldn’t be productive, so I would indeed expect you to read the documentation and then ask questions.