Navision's strange behaviour

Hi All,

I am facing a strange behaviour of Navision.

At my client’s place on various systems Navision is using, but on 2-3 systems if user gives wrong filter then application is closing, where as other users not facing any issue. Every one accessing same server.

eg.: in Document No. filter if we put Date or Name it closes Navision, instead it should not show any data.

Its happening on Pages.

Please any guess or clue?

Thanks in Advance,


shruti which version of NAV are you using,.?

i suppose this is something related to hotfix…

I shall get you an answer if i know which version of nav you are using.



Please chekc the below link for 2009 and sp1 hotfiex for client crashes


Hi Anil,

We are using Nav 2009 R2.

Hi Anil,

I think it will not come under Hot Fix, because some users do not facing any problem if they give wrong filters, they get blank records if we give Name filter in Document column.

mm that is strange… can you send me the error message in the event viewer may be for the clients that it is getting crashed…

that could give some clue…


Are user are putting any special character in Filter ???

No special character.

Hi shruti,

did you manage to get a quick look at event viewer…

i think that can help us find an answer for this issue.


Can you show exactly what error you’re getting?

Is your data contain any special character ??

Hi Erik,

I am not getting any error, Navision application get crashed if I put wrong filter, like Name or Location in Document No. and it is not for every users’s system. It happens only on particular system.


Can you explain me how to check that, because Event Viewer has long list.

Hi Shruti,

under windows logs -->application–> you can see some warning… when you click on them you will get all the details underneath it…

try to get the latest nav related error… after ur rtc client crashes…

that is how we get the details related to the error.


So you’re saying no error messages or anything, just when then you enter a “wrong filter” in Document No.

My guess would also have been that it’s because you enter a unknown character or something different.

Have you looked into what’s different when you compare the the users where this happens and where it doesn’t happen? Are they running different Regional Settings in windows, or maybe a different build of their NAV client (you can check build no. under Help → About).

Hi Eirk,

If i am not wrong shruti is telling about one customer with several computers to one navision instance… which tells that all client versions are same… i expect that all of them belong to india so same regional settingsin all machines… no chance of build difference…no special characters… just normal filtering with strange behavior in few machiens that is what i understand

@shruti you comment on this…


Hi Anil,

Exactly, yor are right.

All Client’s versions are same.

Only the thing I need to check, suppose user A having application crash issue on his system only or with his user id on other system also.

Eg: My user id shruti

am I facing crash issue on my system or with my (shruti) login id on aniruddha’s(other user) system.

Aniruddha do not have any application crash issue with his id on his or my system.

I will check with client & come back to you.

Thanks in Advance.



Also please check in the system where teh client is crashing… with the user id for some one else for which the client is working…after the filters…

try some other user id(which is working fine) in the machine where client in is crashing…



I was also facing same error during my last implementation and I found that there was some problem with data and I got it corrected from users .Now no issue…

Ok then it does sound strange.

I had a similar strange behavior the other day. Here I found that the solution was due to I was using a different Role Center profile id than the other users. After I changed my role center to use the same profile id as the other users, then my problem was gone.

But I cannot see you have told us if your issue is with the classic client or with the RTC.


I have a question… that why nav is allowing only certain user profiles to filter on data… if its so then that is the biggest but ever… in crashing the RTC.

I am 99% sure that the issue is in RTC…

classic client may not be soooo strange…