Navision ZUP Files destroyed


I have opened my Nav DB but its not opening. I double click the FDB file but nothing seems to happen. I repeat this but still no success

I suspect this to be associated with ZUP Files but i don’t know the way firward on it.

  1. What could have happened to the DB?

  2. What are the possible solutions and procedures?

Thank you

try re-installing the Nav client

Romeo i think this a long process. This because i knw its about replacing ZUP Files but the issues is i forgot how to do it using the CMD Command of Dos.

Can any one plz assist me further.


ZUP files are stored in “Documents & Settings → USERNAME → Application Data” by default.

I think there is another way of findind out the location of Zup files using the Dos Cmd Command. this is what am looking for.

Can someone assist plz?

…or you start Navision using parameter “Id=C:\SomeFolder\UserSetups%UserName%” (UserName is the windows login-name).

For sure i didn’t get what am being explained here !!!

what is this “Id=C:\SomeFolder\UserSetups%UserName%” (UserName is the windows login-name).


ZUP files are stored in “Documents & Settings → USERNAME → Application Data” by default

This is clues to where you can find the ZUP file…

The DOS-command for deleting it is DEL.
I don’t know how you can search for it by DOS…

But why do you want to do it in DOS at all?
No need to make things harder than they are…
Simply open an explorer, navigate to the location of the ZUP file, and delete it.
Or… use the search-facility in Windows.

Are you sure your DB doesn’t open?
I might be that the Navgation pane is closed.
(Or if you are on version below 4.0, that the menu-form somehow has “landed” outside the visible area.)

I can’t see how the ZUP file can make the DB not open when you try to, by doing File → Database → open from within Navision.

The reason why i want to delete the Zup file using Dos command is coz there aare times when u can delete them using the windows normal delete command but fail to delete. Physicall they might be deleted but still yr Nav will still have the previous issues it had.

So the best way forward on this (If the windows Delete doesnt seem to work) is to use the Dos Del command.

Nway thanks for the replies and i appreciate.


When you open the .FDB databse, does navision open? If Navision is opening & not showing anything, it could be that you have not opened any company. You can open a Company by pressing F12 or click on File → Company → Open and select the company you want to open.



No its Not opening. I usually opens it by double clicking the .FDB File. But this time round when i do that the File jst doesn’t open. I keep on repeating but no success.

I’m having trouble finding the Zup file on Windows 7 Pro. Any ideas where it’s stored. Doesn’t seem to be in the same location?

Thanks in advance,


you will find at C:\Users\YOUR WINDOWS LOGIN\AppData\Roaming in Win 7

Thanks Mohana