Navision Working on Dual Processor

Hi, we wish to change the server configuration from single processor server to dual processor server. Will Navision server have any problem as I heard that Navision server doesn’t work for servers with dual processors? (Win NT -SP4)

As far as I know Navision will work on Servers with two processors. It is just that it will only use one.

We have found in testing that if the machine has dual processors, it appears to actually use part of the RAM and negatively affect Navision performance.

There are some related threads in the forum archive - if you have a SQL database, it will be able to take advantage of the second CPU.

Isn’t the dual processor setup a recommended profile in the use of the SQL database?

Interestingly enough, it isn’t in the last recommended configuration for 3.60 in the U.S. - but it was in the past. Perhaps an oversight in the last gasps of Duluth?


Originally posted by vadi28
Hi, I using dual processor configuration server based on AMD-MP since FEB 2002. 30 users, volume of base - 120 Gb, not SQL - Navision only (v3.01), RAID 0, cash Navision database 800Mb. One user (one session) can not load two CPU at once but more session can do it!

On a Navision server running C/Side, multiple CPUs are slower than a single CPU. The direct performance difference is actuall quite trivial. But indirectly, if the money spent on the extra CPU was spent on more RAM and hard disks, the difference is then significant. The only time an apparant increase in performance is seen on a dual processor machine, is when the server is not dedicated to Navision, and thus the other tasks that would otherwise slow down the server, are running faster, and thus leaving more time for Navision.