Navision Version 4.1

Does anyone have any information on Navision Version 4.1, i.e. release date or additional functionality? Thanks.

I heard US version is due end of September, but you can get the beta from partnersource.

Thanks. Anyone know what the differences are between 4.0 and 4.1?

It’s Navision 4.0 plus Service Pack 1. That means all critical updates up to date, plus some updates to dll’s and executables. Then the big addition is Employee Portal, a sharepoint site connected to Navision, and some other functional enhancements. That’s off the top of my head, feel free to chime in folks :).

Found the following statement on Partnersource…


The overall focus of this release is to improve our customers’ freedom to focus on their business and help our partners increase their productivity via: Quality improvements Innovation Simplicity and productivity tools The main objective for this release is to enhance the customer and partner experience. This will be done by improving the quality of Microsoft Navision, and by innovation of the Microsoft Navision Employee Portal (Microsoft Navision integration to Microsoft SharePoint) The quality of Microsoft Navision will be improved by the following: Bug fixing (code and online help) Costing enhancements Planning resiliency Improving Microsoft Navision’s performance on Microsoft SQL Server™ Introducing .NET capabilities to C/FRONT allowing developers to access to the entire C/FRONT API from a .NET development environment like Visual Studio.NET, C# and Visual Basic.NET. Bug Fixing - This service pack focuses on fixing some product limitations experienced by customers and partners in both Microsoft Navision 3.70 and Microsoft Navision 4.0. More than 250 corrections have been included in this service pack release to reduce limitations and to improve the partner and customer experience. Costing Enhancements - Enhancements in the inventory costing area have addressed the observed frustration among the Microsoft Navision customers and partners as caused by a number of costing functionality design limitations. The existing costing framework has been modified in terms of the following three design changes; Revaluation of expected (not yet invoiced) inventory valued at standard cost is now possible, Work-In-Process (WIP) account is cleared upon finishing and adjusting production order, Cost adjustment process can now be performed real time. Planning Resiliency - It is now possible to run the planning batch job in a fault tolerant mode. This allows a supply plan to be created even if some preconditions for the calculation are not met. Instead of stopping the calculation the system will log the error in an error log. The entries in this log can then later on be resolved and the remaining supply plan be calculated. Improving Microsoft Navision’s performance on Microsoft SQL Server - In order to improve the general performance of the Microsoft SQL Server Option for Microsoft Navision further, we are focusing on the following activities. In C/SIDE, these activities must be implemented, and in the standard application, they may be implemented as appropriate. The overall effect of the improvements is to produce a more SQL Server aware standard application and to empower solution developers to tune customizations against SQL Server, while continuing to support the Microsoft Navision server and maintain a single code base. Introducing .Net capabilities to C/FRONT - The Microsoft Navision C/FRONT dynamic link library gives developers the chance to read data from and write data to Microsoft Navision from an external application. The Microsoft Navision C/FRONT .NET dynamic link library enables the development of the external application to be done from any of the .NET languages such as C# or VB .NET. Microsoft Business Solutions-Navision Employee Portal - Microsoft Navision Employee Portal is Microsoft Navision’s integration to both Windows SharePoint Services as well as to the Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server. Microsoft Navision Employee Portal provides Web-based access to real-time enterprise resource planning based on data for employees and partners via a known Microsoft Web platform. The main benefit for having an intranet portal offering is to broaden the footprint of the Microsoft Navision application. Instead of having to use the standard Microsoft Navision client to view, modify, or create data in Microsoft Navision, it will now be possible to do these tasks using an application that resides on all desktops—the Internet Explorer. This enables a broader range of users to work with Microsoft Navision data and reduces the amount of time it takes to learn to read and update data.

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