Navision User Roles

Hi Forum,

I am creating user roles. In this role i have changed property of Insert, modify, delete permission to indirect in table data Object type and Object name is “Item” .

after doing this my end user is not able to change any data in Item Card that is Ok, but while posting sales order it gives massage “You do not have permission to change in Item Table”.

I want my user not to change data of item, customer, vendor cards and they should be able to post their order & invoice entries. Plz tell me where i m doing wrong?? and is it possible to setup like this what i want???

Thnx in advance

can i know what permission you have set for your user? like is it a customer or developer license?

Its Customer license. Find following details -

Object Type - Table Data And Object Name - Item and Permission was - R - Yes, I - Indirect, M - Indirect, D-Indirect, Execute - Yes.

And I want my users (Who is entering Sales/Purchase Order) not change any Master like - Item, Customer, Vendor, etc…

Thnx in advance