Navision User guides - GL Granule

Hi, Can any one provide me with manual of Navision, Financial Managment module. Thanks

Hi Animesh, welcome to MBSOnline. I have moved this post to the Beginers Forum, since a posting of “Hi” in the CRM probably wont get any replies. Animesh is looking for a user guide for Navision, specifically for the GL Granule. I now this topic gets posted a lot here, but what is the current manual status. The latest versions I have are for 2.60, but I heard that they were coming back. Is that true or not? If we don’t have printed guides at this point, there is always the method of printing the help files. See this post - Print Navision (3.01) helpfile (chm) to Word And also there are people out there that have produced their own documentation. If ther eis nothing newer than 2.60 Animesh, I will upload at least those for you. Is there anything newer.

I am positive I have posted a full answer to this but it eludes me on the search! Effectively my understanding is that from Microsoft you can purchase the manuals that are handed out with the courses, so if you have a full course listing you have a full list of the “manuals” that Microsoft will issue. Of course they are really course guides and not manuals. They also cost £25. Previously you had to email Microsoft in the UK at, but they now outsource the training in the UK to Interquad so I am sure this has changed. So in summary I do not believe you can get “manuals” but you can purchase course guides. As for the future I believe they are sticking with the online help.

I know someone posted a fairly detailed reply, but I couldn’t find it. I need to work harder on my book. [:D]

I know I did and cannot find it! Book? Do tell more.

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