Navision upgrading database Problem: NAV 3.70B to 4.00 SP3

Hi Friends

Thanx For the suport of Employee Portal . Now i’m upgrading 3.7B Nav to 4.0Sp3 World wide version . i’m going to take a data backup from 3.7B and restore it to 4.0sp3. So i am making the 3.7B table structures similar to 4.0Sp3Tables. there is a field 16340 in purchase header cannot be Delete its giving some Permission Problem. but i am using the Developer licence how can i solve this problem. please help me i have to complete this Task next monday



You don’t make the 3.7B table structures similar to 4.0. What you do is start with a clean 4.0 database and add your custom fields and tables. Then you need to customized (as needed) the upgrade toolkit so it can handle your custom fields and tables during the data conversion steps.

Hi Satheesh,

Babrown is right. Instead of trying to make 3.7 DB Table structures same as 4.0 SP3, what you have to do is to bring all the customizations done in 3.7 DB to 4.0 SP 3 DB. Then, you have to customize two codeunits namely 104045 and 104048 given in your Upgrade Toolkit to make sure that all the data in the tables are flown properly during the upgrade.

In case you are trying to do an upgrade on Cronus to Cronus, you need not do any changes, and can use the Upgrade Toolkit directly.

I guess you have the Upgrade Toolkit for the worldwide version, and the quick guides. You can refer to them as they provide some valuable information.

Hi Babrown

As an example, I can give you the below example;

  1. Table No- 36 Sales Header has the fieldno(16341)Authorized field name is available in the er 3.7B version, whereas it is no more available in the Ver.4. And also I am unable to create the particular field in the Ver. 4 Customized version as it not allowed for my developer license. (as you know I can create only the 50000 range fields to the standard tables using my developer license.)
  • I’m going to create a new company in 4.0Sp3 and restore it to that. this is because 4.0sp3DB currently Running with 3 companys as main System.
  1. My first question is that is there anyway I could Delete this from 3.7B or create this filed Authorized in the Ver4 Customized version.

  2. If that is not allowed and if it is not the right way of handling this knid of issue in data upgrade, what would be the recomended method ? As I know once I take a data backup from the ver. 3.7 B , I will not be able to restore it in the ver 4 customiozed db, if there is any discrepancy in the tabale stuctures. To handle this what would be the recomended method?

Please advise me on the above?

To tell you frankly, I went through the MS documentation on the customization, but still unable to capture required knowledge for handling this kind of a problem. Your valueble advices in this regard would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Satheesh,

I can understand your situation. Well, if you have data in the field Authorised in 3.7 and you want to bring the same field with same ID in 4.0, the best option would be to Merge the new table with existing table while doing object import.

Also, it is not a recommended method to change table structure of 4.0 as your customised 3.7 and then restore the backup in the 4.0 version. It is recommended that you use the Upgrade Toolkit methodology to do the Upgrade of data as it takes care of some standard features like change in table structure, or split of tables etc.

For more information you can check this out: Navision SQL Option Error

FIeldNo(16341) would be a standard NAV field and not a custom field. If it is not in the base 4.0 database it is because MS has either redesigned the product and that field is no longer required. The upgrade toolkit should handle the change and there should be nothing you need to do.

Question: Why aren’t you upgrading to version 5.0? MS ends support for 4.0 at the end of next year.