Navision Upgrade path and Support

About to buy a new server and move the current setup on to this server, question is how far do I go with

Current set up is

Microsoft Windows Server 2003 standard Edition

SQL server 2005

Dynamics NAV 5.0

Going to move to either

Microsoft Windows Server 2008 standard Edition

SQL server 2008

Dynamics NAV 5.0


Microsoft Windows Server 2012 standard Edition

SQL server 2012

Dynamics NAV 5.0 (Not upgrading this yet or should I )

Will Navision run on windows server 2012 and SQl 2012 or am I better of sticking with one I know will work Server 2008 & SQL 2008

You should definitely do an upgrade of NAV as the 5.0 version is not supported by MS anymore.

In case you want to do this without a full upgrade, you can still do a technical upgrade to NAV2009R2 and move to SQL Server 2008R2.

Not sure how NAV would perform on a 2012 SQL with 5.0 Code.