Navision Unix Server Installation

Hi all. I have a task to install Navision Server on a Unix Server (the Unix version is yet to be selected and installed by the Client). This is going to be a WAN arrangement with users running windows workstation/Clients. I can see the installation guide on the Attain CD but it only mentions IBM AIX, and am told there are limitations based on the exact Unix variant one has. Earlier versions of Fiancials mentioned more than one UNIX variant! Which would also then mean that I cannot run it on Linux either (a good practice option for me). Is there anyone who has worked with this scenario to advise me accordingly?! What does the difference between Fiancials and Attain Unix Support arrangement signify? Thank you, and I appreciate your handy information Robert Robert J. B Mutyaba Senior Systems Developer AkiliAfrica Ltd. P. O Box 2450 Kampala Mob. =256-041-466456

Hi Robert, Navision Denmark stopped the UNIX support a couple of months ago and Attain doesn’t have any UNIX versions anymore. I can’t tell you any more details because I only read it myself in NOLUG and I also can’t tell you if this AIX version will run on a UNIX machine… (you might want to try to search the forum for Unix and Linux). There is definitly no version for Linux available. From experience most installations out there are on Windows, which you can easily notice following the discussions on NOLUG. Saludos Nils

Navision Attain 3.10A supports IBM AIX version 4.3.3 on IBM pSeries Servers (RS/6000) //Lars Edited by - Lars Westman on 2002 Aug 09 20:14:06

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