Navision Testing

Hi all, In navision, how testing is done. Do we have any testing tool available for testing in navision. If not what is the best way to test. Your suggestions are most welcome. Thanks in advance, Regards, Anand.

Have you tried File - Database - Test, or is this not the sort of test that you want? From the Test form, you can look up the help which has much more information. Alastair

Is there some other testing you are implying, apart from the db testing that Alastair refers to [?]


Is there some other testing you are implying, apart from the db testing that Alastair refers to [?]
Originally posted by zachavas - 2005 Jan 24 : 12:41:16

Thanks Vasileios Zacharias, Alastair. I didn’t mean the DB testing rather i meant the type of testing required to test our customization or the developments that we do using CAL. Is there any automation tool like the winrunner,rational rose… etc. or don’t we have any other options other than writing manual scripts. Thanks again, Regards, Anand

Then what you need is Navision Developer’s Toolkit (you can find it on the net), which is helpful in finding conflicts (Import Worksheet) between customizations and Navision’s base functionalities… …but still, testing customizations, implies that you should use the client’s licence and db for testing purposes. There are a lot of guidelines on testing customizations in the Solution Developer pdf document that you must go through in order to sit for the Development Certification and it can be provided by your local MBS branch… Hope I helped a bit [:D]

Hi, In October 2004 Navision released the Application Benchmark Tool 1.00. If you have a Db and your customer’s licence, you can let the tool simulate client behaviour. For example you can set one client to enter Sales Ordes, while an other client can make Purchase Orders. By using variables you can set how many Purchase Orders each client have to mate etc. The clients can be programmed yourself, so it is able to test what you want. You can find the tool on Partnerguide. HTH.