Navision stopped working when I click on the Customers and some other errors

Dear All,

I am facing with some errors when I use NAVISION. The first time I see such errors. Please can you help me what is going on?

1.When I click on Customers (everywhere ,like Financial Management / Receivables / Customers), Navision has stop working. It is happening all the time, without exceptions.

And I have the same error when I click in the Vendors menu as well.

  1. I am not able to use the Excel Export function of NAV. When I try to send something to Excel, I always get the following error message:

  1. When I try to Preview a report, I always receive the following error message:

Please can you help me to understand what is going on with those errors? :frowning:

That is three different none linked errors…

Besides from the error messages, you do not provide much info and therefore it is difficult to help you. But here is a few suggestions to things you should start with

Errormessage 1:

Start the development environment and run the table 18 - Customer directly - If that is possible then there is something wrong with your Customer List page. If the Customer table does not run then what error do you get.

Run the page 22 - If that one does not run - then you should get an errormessage about why - Most likely because a field has been deleted on the table and not on the page.

In Development try to select functions, and build server objects.

Errormessage 2:

Is this a new message? A new user? all users?

The error message tells you what is wrong, the foldername is missing. Perhaps you do not have write permission to the folders on the computer?

Errormessage: 3

Printer Selection is mission. Does it work in Cronus International Company or in one of the other companies you might have?