navision sp3 @lsretail 4.0 with sql2005

we are using nav 40 sp1 with lsretail 40 with ls reatail plusfront PlusCFront_213 for replectaion from ho to branch

i have taken backup of nav sp1 of sql 2000, i have installed sql2005 and nav sp3 and restord sp1 backup with sp3 it converted database vertion and working ,but when iam trying to database using ls retail scheduler distribution location is says database is upgraded you must upgrade navison

but same thing i have done with native database it is working fine

please suggest

On your distribution location, did you update the version?

When the version is updated, did you create a new folder for the 40SP3 fin plugin?

no, when i install pluscfront it is creating folders of v 400,v401 and v500 folders

You need to create a v403 folder and put in the right files from your 403 client.

then you need to make sure that you have updated the version in your distrubtion location card and that your connection string has been updated as well.


You’re very welcome. Could you please put [SOLVED] in the title?