Navision Screen size

Hi, My screen seems to have gone a bit mad… Unfortunately, although I have maximised Navision and my General Journal, I am only able to see a quarter of the “Posting”. Is there any reason why it would do this and how can I get my screen back to normal??? Thanks Kate

Hello Kate, you could: 1.) Resize the form you are in by pressing Alt + Spacebar, and then pressing the right keyboard arrow key, and using the ‘size’ option. 2.) Delete your zup file (Which will set all your settings back to default) or 3.) (Assuming you are a super user) Find out the number of the form you are having difficulty with, and recompile it (Hightlight & press F11 in the Object Designer). This will just re-set the one form, but will reset it for everyone. Hope this is of some help

You could also increase the resolution on your monitor. I work on a laptop that I have on a big monitor at my office with a very high resolution, and I always move forms around. Then when I boot up at home with just my dinky little laptop screen, some of them don’t even show up, or just half of them. So if you click on a selection and your form doesn’t show up at all, you just maximize one of the other forms and you should be able to access them.

Daniel, Edward, Thankyou very much for your responses. I have tried all of these things but have had no luck in solving the problem. I have even tried re-installing Navision!! Any other ideas would be gratefully received. Regards Kate

Hi Is it only the General Jounal? What exact do you see? Perhaps a dumb idea but is it possible that one column has a wrong format (Width)? bye André

Hello Kate, Is it possible that someone has re-designed the Gen. Jnl Form on your system? The reason I ask is that sometimes you come across instances where a form spills over the side of a PC screen because the person who designed/modified it was using a very flash monitor with a high resolution, and has entarged it in the designer, whereas the everyday users might have a different resolution suitable for their monitors and parts of their forms “fall off the edge” of the screen. There are guidelines about designing forms in Navision covering this, but sadly some people don’t read them and go ahead and change things [:(] Do the other users have the same problem and if not are you all using the same monitor resolution?