Navision releases to all

Dear members, I’m happy to announce that Friday Oct. 14th. Microsoft Business Solutions released a new service pack for Microsoft Navision: 3.70.B The new service pack B includes many fixes, but also some new hot features, including The Industry Template Solutions. This new tool should make it much easier to implement Navision with a so-called 2-5-2 man-day method. The service pack is available from today in the World Wide version - contact your reseller for local information. Today (Monday Oct. 18th.) Microsoft Business Solutions then finally has released the next major release of Navision: Version 4.00. It has previously been announced what is included in this release. The release is today available in the World Wide version as well as Austrian, Dutch, UK, US, German and Swedish. In one of the biggest Navision countries Denmark - Microsoft today announced that they would not be able to release it on the planned day Oct. 20th. - but that they would release later - without announcing a bnew date. Contact your reseller/Microsoft to get the release details in your country (and post them here!). Best regards, Erik P. Ernst, webmaster, Microsoft MVP - Navision

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I went to the Partnersource website, it said that the 4.0 will be released on 10/28/04??? Even though I got a new e-mail from MBS Navision saying that 4.0 is released today (10/18/04)

Well, if either (3.70B or 4.00) have been released in Canada/US, I can’t find them on the PartnerSource.

Hi Darren, Yes they are surprisingly not on PartnerSource, but on, where I never before have seen US/Canada versions available to download.

Is PartnerGuide something only the elite solution centers have access to? This is probably the wrong forum, but what’s the difference between Partnersource and PartnerGuide??

The product downloads is on Partnerguide. At least thats the message from MBS in Sweden

I don’t know if it is a change in the policy from Microsoft, but as for the EMEA / APAC (all non American) partners we have always had to download from Partnerguide (Navision’s old partner site). Only the American versions has been available to download from Partnersource (Microsoft/Greatplains old partner site).

Well, after much confusion, I logged into, only to find out that US Customers (which somehow Canada gets forgotten) uses partnerSource. But on PartnerSource - I cannot find either the RTM Version of 4.0 or 3.70.B Any North American Partners able to sort me out? Thanks

Nope… I’m part of the North American Partner, and none of the files mentioned by Erik is on PartnerSource… AND I cannot gain access to PartnerGuide… =(

Dead Lizard, I was also just say that they where NOT ON PARTNERSOURCE, but on PARTNERGUIDE. Sorry for the confusion. And as to you not having access to Partnerguide, then I think you should contact your account manager at Microsoft.

By jove indeed the uk version is on there. They sneaked that in there quietly! [8D] edd

Has anyone tried the industry template solutions? When I try to import the industry mapping sheet into Navision - I can’t find the screen they show in the documentation. Do you need special permissions to access? In the documentation it says to go under the setup checklist/functions/implementation. When I go under the setup checklist/functions I see a wizard but I don’t see implementation. This looks like a great idea if it works. Thanks for any help in advance.