Navision POS for LS retail

Hi all! I know that there is a software built within Navision. Is it possible to have features that are exist there or a demo version of that? Thanks for help me.

Hello Tatiana T. We have been developing an official AddOn for Navision for the retail business. Currently we are looking for a distributor in Canada. So if you are interested do not hesitate to contact me. best regards Thomas

LS-Retail is developed by - I think they will help you any questions that you might have.

What software are you referring to? As i know, if you want to access the featues of LS Retail. You must install hardware drivers first, then only install navision 4.0 and restore LS Retail 4.00 database. To be able to run LS Retail POS, statistical graphs and the visual menu editor in LS Retail to run you must install certain OCXs too.

Get in contact with RSC in Vancouver, they are our distributor for the North American market. I’m pretty sure that they will be able to help you.