Navision Permisions & SQL Server Permissions

I’m not sure if anyone ecountered this problem before… It’s when i change permissions or roles or add a new user in Navision, Navision clears all user permissions that i set directly on SQL server 2000. Now i was wandering how could i detect in SQL server when Navision makes those clears or changes user permissions so that i could set a job and alert to set those user permissions back on… pls help … thnx lp prosen

Could give an example of exactly what is happening. Navision should not change your SQL permissions that you set manually in SQL server, as part of its permission system.

Well the thing is that every time i change permissions or add an user i Navision all permissions/roles in sql are cleared. For an example if a user was a db_datareader for the myDB, after navision changes, this user does not have db_datareader role any more…

Sorry I wasn’t giving the right info… sql user is not using Windows authentication and is added in security/logins and in myDB database under users. So when navision changes user permissions, this user is deleted form myDB users list but it stays in sercurity/logins list of users… what to do that this wouldn’t happen

If you modify navision permissions, nothing happens to the SQL user, correct? Just to be sure. Navision permission changes have no affect on sql server. If you delete a navision user, the user will not be removed from SQL Server when it is a SQL-authenticated Login, because that user had to be created in SQL Server and is not created from navision. The idea being that something you create outside of navision is not deleted by navision. For a windows-authenticated Login, navision can delete it from SQL Server (if you accept the prompt) because navision is able to create these types of logins.