Navision on Max OS X

Hi! I have to buy a new notebook and i am really interessted in a iBook…but as i am Navision User/Developer i may ask myself…runs Navision on a Mac?..I searched and searched and i found out that Navision is not running on Mac OS…but maybe someone has a emulator or something to run it…so does anyone know something about navision on a Mac? thx Stophi

We have a couple of our Sales People running Navision under Virtual PC (now owned by Microsoft). It works for them but I wouldn’t want to use it as a developer. We sell MAC’s but run Navision on PC’s. Much as I like MAC’s, stick to a native Windows machine for Navision.

Remote Desktop Connection Client 1.0.2 for Mac OS X

We use this to connect our Mac’s to the Navision Server - work’s like a charm. That one button mac mouse is not a friend to windows :frowning:

thx :slight_smile: