Navision manufacturing in food industry companies

We are looking for any information about implementations of Navision manufacturing in food companies. Any information about success or failure is welcome. Please, describe your company, activity, users count… Do you have disassembling (then from one raw material manufacturing more than one product - meat, fish…) in your manufacturing? Thanks for answers. Sorry, if I’m of topic.

The food manufacturing industry are a typical Process Manufacturing enviroment where a Master Recepi are requered. We have developed a add-on which suith this enviroment. I can send you more information and a demo Cd if requered? regards Henrik Aaen The NaviWorld Group Ltd. Email:

I do not know what kind of food Industry you want. However I once were involved in a implementation for NaviMEAT. It is basicly a (Higly) modifyed Navision used by several customers World Wide (My implementation were in Kenya, and I went to Estonia to prepare annother). I also know that there are an installation in Poland. check out Edited by - hhelgesen on 2001 Aug 10 04:52:10

The NSC I’m currently working for is specialised in fruit&vegetable market. I’m currently working on the 5th Navision Implementation in this market segment. You might want to be more specific what exactly you need. ------- With best regards from Switzerland Marcus Fabian