Navision losing connection to debugger with windows 7

I’m having a problem while debugging Navision NL5.00 SP1 Build26084 on a Windows 7 Enterprise Laptop. It also happens when i’n using this version but also older versions from within Windows XP mode.

The error message is as follows: An error occurred durring connection to the microsoft dynamics debugger and the connection has been lost.

When this happens the debugger jumps to the next breakpoint if there is one, otherwise Navision continues running.

I tried to disable the windows firewall. That didn’t help. Didn’t to try to disable Forefront yet.

Does anyone know what the problem is.

Thanks for your reply,

Is there anyone who can confirm or contradict that using the navison debuger on windows 7 is stable?

if so, please post a reply, on what version you are using and what build. There must be someone somewhere having the same experience?

Thanks for your reply.