Navision Login Snafu


I’m having problems with user, Janet. At work, locally, everything is fine with her working in Navision. As with all our remote users Janet’s username is in the home directory, C:\Home\Janet, on Terminal Server.

It’s with Janet’s ICA Navision account that we get this login failure.

"The Operating System cannot fine the drive and directory specified for the file C:\Docume~1\Janet\Locals~1\Temp\e_Temp_.*.
Please check that the drive, directory, and the file names are correct.

This prevents Janet from logging in via Citrix, ICA, Navion.

To test out the ICA connection we used a variety of user accounts after business hours.
If Janet logs in as any other user (to test the ICA connection) the Navision Login screen appears. And we don’t get this cryptic message: "The Operating System cannot fine the drive and directory specified for the file C:\Docume~1

Thus we proved successful logins using a variety of user accounts. And we then logged into Navision using those variety of user accounts. So far so good in this testing phase –. Logging into Citrix, ICA. And into Navision.

To repeat - Janet cannot login directly through the ICA connection. She gets this message "The Operating System cannot fine the drive and directory specified for the file C:\Docume~1.

If we login using any other account this gives Janet the opportunity to log into Navision -(because of the successful login) -the Navision login screen appears.

Here’s what happens:

If Janet attempts to log into Navision using her Navision credentials this message pops up:

“The combination of user id and password entered is invalid.” We can’t get Janet into Navision.

Hypothetically, Janet could log into Citrix, ICA, as user Bill, Judy, Randy - and then Janet could log into Navision as user Amy, Todd, Randy. These various approaches would work (and we proved that) but that is not best practice. We can login with any account, any approach, except we are totally stumped with Janet getting unfettered, unblemished access to the Navision session.

If we can fix this situation that would defintely eliminate a big head ache.


I’ve given this scenario some thought overnight. Why I need to get Janet setup for a remote Navision session is she’s having surgery, and the company is allowing her to work from home. She will be out of work for weeks.

I’m looking into this: "The combination of user id and password entered is invalid."Why this effect on her account and no one else? If I could get her into Navision she could work from home. If I got desperate I could have her long on as another user. That’s a possibility. I am a beginner, and am beginning to administer Navision – and need to be cautious, careful.

I could create another Navision account for Janet in our attempt at a successful login,. Instead of username Janet, I could create an account Banet. Janet for local, Navision. Banet, for remote. Thanks for looking into this situation.